UFCW Local 2D

Welcome Brothers and Sisters of Local 2D!

In an ongoing effort to bring you the best possible service, Local 2D has created this website as a tool for all our members to use. You will be able to access important information and documents, get answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and during contract negotiations, be able to get up to the minute information. From mobilizing our members during a strike, to executing a political campaign against detrimental legislation, this website will be your source for information.

All Union Members have certain rights at work that help protect them from unfair treatment.

Many of these rights are guaranteed in laws such as Family Medical Leave, overtime, safe working conditions. Many other rights are ones that are secured through a contract that Union members and our Union representatives have negotiated at a specific workplace. No matter what situation you might find yourself in on the job because you are represented by Local 2D, you will ALWAYS have a resource at your disposal if you have a question or issue. Our Union Representatives are some of the most experienced in the industry and we are sure that you will find their years of experience helpful in guiding you through almost any situation.

Local 2D Shop Stewards are your elected co-workers.

They diligently work to protect you on the job and serve in the vital position of the Union-Management relationship. The Shop Stewards are the eyes and the ears of the union

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