Shop Stewards

Shop Stewards

Do you know who your shop steward is? If you have a problem or a question at work, reach out to your shop steward as soon as possible.

Each worksite has a Union Representative (also called a Business Agent) — union staff regularly visit your worksite to inform you about what’s happening around the union, and help make sure everyone’s rights are protected.

Each workplace also has one or more stewards. A steward is a union member like you who has been trained to enforce co‑workers’ rights in the workplace and speak out on union issues.

It is good to have the names of your stewards and union reps along with the best way to reach them so in case an issue comes up, you can quickly reach out for help.

If you aren't sure who your shop steward is or if you don't have a way to contact them, please call our office and we can help you find that information. Call us at 1-888-371-2421.