Our History

Shorty after the repeal in December 1933, the nucleus of the yet to be chartered International Union was several AFL federally chartered locals representing workers in the wine and liquor industries. Starting with 7000 members in NY, NJ, Illinois and Kentucky they met in Washington D.C. in December 1940 and were chartered as the “Distillery, Rectifying, Wine and Allied Workers’ International Union of America, AFL.”
Much of the initial membership was in sales. Organizing expansion started in liquor production as well as sales. Expansion then moved on to Canada, and finally the California wineries.

In 1978 the Internationals name was changed to Distillery, Wine and Allied Workers Union AFL-CIO/CLC to better reflect the membership composition. Local 2D was a local within this international until the merge with the UFCW in 1995.
Local 2D grew in strength over the years despite a membership decrease due to the consolidation of major wholesalers. During that time, the Union and its membership held strong, negotiating and maintaining a high level of benefits and working coditions. Overall, salespeople were making more money and Unions funds remained healthy.

Heading into the millenium, Local 2D continues to play a major role in all levels in the liquor industry and have fostered positive, working relationships with the wholesalers, otherunion leaders, politicians, retaillers, and activist groups, further solidifying our members’ livelihoods.

In December of 2000, Local 2D suffered a tragic loss with the passing of its most prolific President, Vincent D’Acunto Sr.  “Vinnie”, bridged the gap between the union and the wholesalers, pioneering a new attitude of working together to better the entire liquor industry. His open door policy allowed salespeople direct access to him and through this enhanced communication, the union provided better service.

aVincent Fyfe, Local 2D’s Business Agent and Organizer was appointed to fulfill the remainder of Mr. D’Acunto’s term. In January 2001, “Vincent” was unanimously elected by our membership to serve as Local 2D President. He has enhanced the open door policy and is easily accessible to all members. Since his tenure, brother Fyfe has worked dilligently to boost the membership of Local 2D. Under his tenure, Local 2D has experienced an increase in membership of 100%. Through Local 2D’s merger with Local 19D in 2001, Local 18D in 2010, and organizing efforts, Local 2D has become stronger. Today we represent 1,600 salespeople in Metro NY, NJ, Connecticut, and Upstate NY.(Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, Kingston, & Buffalo), Washington DC and Delaware.

This website takes us into the electronic age at a time when instant and accurate information is important to us all.

Should you have any comments or suggestions, Please call our office.